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water surfaces

Photographs of water surfaces showing their graphical beauty that is created by the surface structure itself and accompanying reflection of color, depending on current wind conditions and the surrounding nature. To order a print, please visit my shop to find out how to do.

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stairway to heaven Fading calligraphy Enigma


stairway to heaven

fading calligraphy



golden fleece

deep blue

deep blue

© 2015-2019  Steffen Faisst Photography

All images are copyrighted and may not be copied, printed, or used in any way without written consent. water photograph, reflection of willow leaves

willow leaves



summer leaves



smoke at the water

spring ballet

Water surface at sunset Reflection on a water surface

“In a series called “Water surfaces”, Steffen Faisst presents his abstract photographs, which sometimes resemble aerial photographs. Photographs capturing waves marching in well-ordered horizontal patterns remind of paintings of a Mark Rothko, Gerhard Richter or Poul Gernes. Other pictures show the more chaotic aspect of the surface of waves, creating more dynamic and abrupt patterns that may resemble the hectic registrations of a seismograph, or graceful choreographic dancing steps. This is also indicated by Steffen Faisst by the titles he has given to his pictures. Also here, the photographs shine in many beautiful color hues, from ultramarine blue over golden to silver-gray.”

TOM JØRGENSEN, art critic at the Danish newspaper ”Jyllands Posten” and editorial journalist at the Danish art magazine ”Kunstavisen”