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Image Credit: © Benjamin Cardenas

TeraBella Media Presents: "Reflections"

Reflections are defining. They are capable of revealing so much about ourselves, an event or a moment in time. The likenesses that are mirrored sometimes reflect the true reality in this world. A reflection can also play a trick on the eyes and not necessarily reveal everything in plain view. At other times they are nothing more than pure illusions. TeraBella Media is seeking your most interesting images that reveal this “mirror image.”

First Place: $400 (USD) cash prize
Second Place: $200 (USD) cash prize
Third Place: $100 (USD) cash prize
Three (3) Honorable Mentions & three (3) Merit Winners will also be chosen.
All finalists will be announced in the TBMPN/WPN Newsletter.

Finalists will also receive recognition in on line gallery display and social media exposure via Facebook and Twitter.

All submitted images remain sole property of artist/photographer.

Entry Fee(s):
$20 (USD) for first 4 images
(Up to 8 image entries may be submitted for additional fees)
Color and/or Black and White images will be accepted.

Contest is open to all individuals 18 years and older, worldwide.

Entry Deadline:
July 25, 2015 (11:59PM CST)

To Enter:




Image Credit: © Steffen Faisst

Photographer Spotlight Interview

World Photography Network is very pleased to sponsor the popular segment, "Photographer Spotlight.” In this part of our newsletter we will be interviewing various fellow photographers and learning more about what motivates them, what their goals are and what direction they wish to take with their art. In this current interview photographer Steffen Faisst will be in the spotlight.



Image Credit: © Steffen Faisst

WPN: Please provide us a little background information about yourself. Where were you born, where do you reside, and from where did you receive your education?

SF: I was born in Freiburg, Germany, a many number of decades ago. I studied Biology at the University of Freiburg and hold a PhD in molecular biology and virology from the University of Heidelberg, Germany. After my studies, I worked in various positions in research and development in Germany, France and, now for the last 16 years, in Denmark. While in Denmark (where I still reside) I also obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Copenhagen Business School in Denmark. In reference to my education in photography, I have to state that I am a self-taught photographer. All I know comes from text books, journals, looking to the work of others and last but not least, learning by doing.


Image Credit: © Steffen Faisst

WPN: When and how did your appreciation for the camera begin?

SF: I learned the basics of photography at an early age. When I was about 14 years old I asked my parents for a camera as a Christmas gift. I had in mind an instant camera as a present. However, what I received was a compact camera with a manual control of aperture, shutter speed and exposure, a light meter and a text book. In my twenties, I did not leave the house without my SLR, together with a choice of lenses, a bellows unit, a ring flash, and a variety of filters. During that time I mainly photographed local orchids and insects. After a while I forgot (almost) all about photography, as I was busy with many other things. After moving to Denmark 16 years ago, I re-discovered my interest in nature photography. Once again, I do not leaving the house without my camera.

WPN: Why the fascination for water as your subject matter for your photography?

SF: I have taken many good pictures of landscapes, plants, and insects. Some images may even be considered excellent. However, none of those photos showed something really new or something that had not been taken before by others. Then, one day during a walk I passed by a lake. It was a rather windy day, and the water surface moved quickly. I could see that there were reflections of trees cast on the water, but I could not really perceive these reflections as those of trees due to the movement of the water surface. Regardless, I took some photographs and continued my walk. After returning home and viewing those images on my computer screen I was baffled. I had never seen or imagined a graphical pattern similar to the ones that I had captured. Since that day, I have been devoted to water photography. Water can take an unlimited number of shapes which makes it a fascinating source of inspiration. Water possesses no specific shape by itself, but is formed by the physical shapes and forces surrounding it. There are so many physical interactions of water and light to explore: reflection, refraction, dispersion and polarization are just a few. For me it is a whole new cosmos to explore. It is a surprise each time when I view my computer screen and see a new artwork created by Nature that no one else has seen before. I think that my images are a different take on water photography, and I try to build on this to create a highly dynamic series.



Image Credit: © Steffen Faisst

WPN: What is your equipment of choice for your close-up and macro photography?

SF: In order to take close-ups of small subjects from a distance of about 2-3 meters (6-10 Ft), I generally use an 80-250 mm zoom lens. I use a lens which allows me to work with high shutter speeds with reasonable apertures and ISO numbers, especially as I might have to use polarization filters for good exposures. Recently, I started to experiment with "adventure" cameras, which allow me to introduce new perspectives and effects, but these types of cameras continue to be limited in their image quality.

WPN: Will your attraction for water always be paramount, or do you have any future plans to capture other elements in Nature?

SF: I believe that water will always be my favorite subject, as this theme offers much more to explore. However, there may well be other projects that could attract my interest, especially if they add a new and surprising view on common objects. For example, some time ago I started a series on trees. It was a rather humorous one and depicted the parts of a trunk or branch that showed resemblance to the human or animal figure.

WPN: Are any of your works currently on display?

SF: My photographs have been displayed in shows and exhibitions in Europe and the USA. Currently, I am represented by Gallery NK in Washington DC where some of my photographs are on display. (

Phone: +45 5189 7101
twitter: @Faisst_Photo

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